Monday, July 7, 2008

Slightly Amusing

I found myself at The Department of Motor Vehicles late last week to re-new my drivers license. I was hesitant because I am 37 weeks pregnant and ready to pop, and you can see it! But I guess that beats driving illegally.

I sit down in a row, a couple people down from a pregnant woman who looks like she could be about 32 weeks pregnant. She moves her seat and comes over to talk. Which really surprised me because there really aren't too many friendly people left out there. So we strike up a conversation about what we clearly have in common. I asked her when she was due and she says "My due date is September something, but they are doing a scheduled C-Section on August 22nd at 38 weeks you?"

Stopped me right in my tracks! I proceeded to tell her that I am due in 3 weeks. So she asks what kind of birth I am having.

"Oh, I am having a planned home birth. I had a C-Section with my first and my second and third were born at home"

Her face looked like I just ran her puppy over. She almost looked speechless until she came out with one of the rudest, ignorant, and down right nasty thing's you could ever say.

"You should be in jail for trying to kill your babies"


It is so sad that today people can still say things like that.


Samaria said...

that was her misrerable attempt at making herself feel better. I've gotten the same crap for my vbac

Dawn said...

this is just ridiculous! I am sick of people giving you advice when you are pregnant and/or have kids. What makes people think you want their opinion or that their opinion even matters?

Cara said...

OH my goodness. I think i might have told the woman off right there or at least told her that a home birth is safer then any cesarean birth, no matter what. You have a lot more tack then I do, I know i would have said something no so nice back in the nicest way i could. Good luck with your home birth!