Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pregnant women have no rights

Apparently pregnant women in America no longer have any rights, and are not allowed constitutional rights.

After hearing about the first recent case in New Jersey where a mother had CPS take her child at birth for not consenting to a cesarean section when there was no need for one, and delivering a healthy baby vaginally.
Now there is another case in Florida which the ACLU has now taken on, on behalf of the woman who was violated.

In this case, the mother of two was forced by court order to be on hospital bed rest at 25 weeks gestation, away from her other two children at home, and consent to an unnecessary cesarean section. All this medical intervention was stated to be in the "best medical interest of the fetus" who mind you did not survive all the medical intervention and was stillborn.

Maybe the medical professionals are the ones who caused the death in utero?

All of this makes any woman scared to get pregnant.
Get pregnant and lose your constitutional rights?
What is next?
Is this even legal?

I hope this woman wins her case.
It will be a step in the right direction for all pregnant women.
We are people too, and NO WOMAN should have to give their life for a pregnancy, especially if they have other children!!!!
It should be their choice, and only their choice regarding their own medical care.

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