Friday, September 25, 2009

There is no debate

I continually am hearing the term "homebirth debate" but the term makes no sense what so ever. There is no such thing as a debate over home birth. It is a choice, you either choose it because it is right for you, or you do not choose it because it is not the right choice for you. Simple as that really.
There may be a debate over the safety of childbirth choices, but that is a whole different ballgame in itself.

It almost reminds me of the whole abortion debate. Its nonsense. Either the choice of abortion is right for you or it is not. Other people cannot make that decision for you, including lawmakers. The same should go for birth choices. The restrictions that are being placed on pregnant women are reminiscent of suffrage. If we take a step backwards and start to restrict the places, and ways that women are allowed to birth their babies, then what is next? Women can only see OB/GYN's for pre natal care and delivery? Freestanding birth centers will up and close? All male infants will be automatically circumcised? Women will not longer be able to make informed choices about their care?
Well I mean, we all know that "informed consent" in our country which is supposed to be LAW is nothing more than a joke, and anyone who has had a baby in a hospital recently can attest to this. Even the best of Doctors and Nurses are not always giving full information on the procedures or interventions.

Long story short, the system is a mess, that there is no debate over. The modern day maternity care system, which should be called the Obstetric care system is failing and that is proven in the numbers of maternal and infant deaths and injuries during births, as well as with the rising cesarean rate. There needs to be a huge change.

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